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About Us

"In dreams and in Love, there are no impossibilities"  Janos Arany

I married George, my truck driver, my soulmate and everything on November 12. 2005.  I thought my life ALREADY had everything, that was until I met George.  However, being a truck drivers wife , I discovered, isn't easy nor is it as romanticized as one may assume it would be. 

When you think of a life partner, you do not picture someone who is out of town five days out of seven or even longer.  Surprisingly, the weight of being away from George was not as bad as I thought it would be, because at the end of the day he was always going to come back home to me.  Every time George would go on the road, he took a piece of me with him and every time he came back, the piece fit right back in again.  George completed me.

The reality was that I married a truck driver who needs to be on the road.  If he was not on the road, he is not making money.  In the beginning, it upset me to no end because I felt like I was doing everything alone.  Events that I would go to people asked, "Where is George?".  My answer, "He's on the road...again."

As one can imagine, after seventeen years of being a truck driver's wife, there have been many, many obstacles that have stood in our way and by the grace of God, we have been able to meet the challenges thrust upon us. Based on the obstacles and challenges we have faced, I was compelled to write a book ("The Truck Driver's Wife: Holding Down the Home Front") about it.    

For the past two years, as an author, I have participated in book speaking engagements which have enabled me to meet and greet many, many people and in particular, stay-at-home partners like myself. It was through the speaking engagement events and people I have met that inspired me to form an organization - aLightrLoad - that can be a information resource, solution service and support provider for the stay-at-home loved ones of long distance drivers.  After all, who better to create such a resource but the partner of a truck driver?


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