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Holding down the Home Front

Saundra and George

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The Pressures and Stresses of Everyday Life (Stay-At-Home Partner)
It’s a fact that the stay-at-home partner is often stuck with lots of mundane, repetitive chores: kids and their issues, pets, household maintenance, paying bills, maybe full or part-time jobs, everyday issues.  They must deal with everything that comes along, no matter what it is. The stay-at-home partner's resume can build up: plumber, mechanic, book-keeper, vet, doctor, multi-tasker, you name it. It’s not an easy role to play. Coping with the pressures of everyday life can be a challenge and it’s stressful. 
The Pressures and Stresses of Everyday Life (The Truck Driver)
The truck driver also encounters many stresses on the road.  the hours are long and deadlines are tight. In most cases long-haul drivers will be away from home for two or more weeks and then home for several days. Some long-haul drivers choose to stay out months at a time to maximize profits.  Depending on how firm drivers’ relationships are with their family, life like a truck with new tires, can go pretty smooth.  Nevertheless, drivers and their family can always use encouragement and moral support.
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Grounds for a Collision
So, when the couple gets together, it’s only natural to want to unload their worries on each other.  This is often grounds for a collision between the truck driver and the stay-at-home partner. A big argument can result. Both the trucker and their stay-at-home partner want to be heard. Both want the other to know the hardships they’ve endured over the past few weeks.

Both the trucker and their spouse, commonly suffer from loneliness and feeling unappreciated. This is completely understandable. This is often because neither spouse is there to experience or support their partner during tough days. It’s when the distance is felt the most.  You may not want to complain or feel that your problems aren’t big enough to tell to your partner.
The life of a trucker's stay-at-home partner is not always easy but it can be rewarding.  Truck driving is a profession a couple can both be proud of.  The driver works hard to take care of his or her family.
  Both partners have difficult roles to fulfill. In a positive, workable partnership, both must give more than they take in order to create the foundations for a solid relationship.
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