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Our Mission


aLightrLoad is a information resource, solution service and support provider specifically for the stay-at-home loved ones of long distance drivers.  We maintain social connections and build virtual communities. 


Our “driving” force is acting as advocates for and influencers within the trucking industry.  To effectively carry out this mission, we will aggressively utilize popular social media outlets.

aLightrLoad’s role as an influencer will open up opportunities to create a community of people who share content, motivate, support, and encourage one another. As a influencer, we will have a unique opportunity to build relationships and inspire those who follow us. 


The ultimate goal of social media influencers is to build a Mega Influencer following (1,000,000+ followers). aLightrLoad’s initial goal is to attract enough followers in order to attract business partners throughout multiple industries who can  sponsor us, provide discounts for our followers and claim tax-deductions for themselves.  


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